Learning from my dreamsDream Samples & References

My dream interpretations involve:

  1. Receiving the dream
  2. Asking them questions
  3. Receiving the answers
  4. Providing them with an interpretation of their dream as if it was mine

The framework I use for the interpretations is available in the dream discussion paper here.

Below are names of some people who’s dreams I have interpreted.  Each one is linked to the dreamers dream, questions they answered and my interpretation.  There is also a link under each name for a reference from the dreamer.


Angelique – Dream #1

A few days ago I suddenly had a real dream with more a body and not fragmentary. I am not able to recall it completely but this is what I dreamed:

I found myself in a classroom and I was happy that there were not many students at all. At my left side there was someone sitting next to me at the small tables standing side by side to each other. The tables were used and the top was made of a light colored wood. I needed space for myself and I used the whole table and some of the one next to me to spread out my books and notebooks. I even used the seat next to me to put a book on. The light I recall as daylight and I don’t recall what the classroom looked like. The next moment I was in a small plane and we were with 6 people. The plane was more like a training sort as you could see the construction of the walls (they were not covered like it is with a passenger plane).

Before I went there, I was aware of a lady not quite my type ( a bit vulgar), but I can’t recall her seeing at the plane. We were up in the air and the pilot left his seat to help 3 people who were about to jump out of the plane. He gave instructions and checked their gear. After they had jumped there was a lunch break, but I can’t recall eating anything. The vulgar lady had started to sing in the break and she a good voice. We went up in the air again and I knew it would be my time to jump as well and I hadn’t looked how the others had done it. I never got to that point , because our alarm woke me up.

Angelique – Dream #1 Interpretation

Dream #1 interpretation:

I then sent here a long list of questions. She replied. Here is my interpretation of her dream as if it was mine:

Here is my interpretation of both of your dreams as if they were mine.  A caveat before I begin…

Dreams are for each of us to interpret on our own.  Therefore, if anything I say doesn’t resonate with you, the simply discard it and continue on your own.  So with that said, off I go…

The first thing I note is that this is a multiple scene dream.  In my dreams Angelique, the first thought/feeling is important since it is usually the overall theme of the entire dream.  And what was I feeling?  “I was happy there were not too many people and I was ready to learn new things. Too many people would distract me and I wanted some space around me.”  I find this very interesting. Why?

I don’t want people around me.  I feel I need to be “alone” to learn.  I will return to this later in my interpretation.

Regardless, I am ready to learn. Which is why I am creating the first scene in a “classroom” i.e. a spiritual place to learn.  However, I note that I am sitting down.  In my dreams, when I am sitting down it means that I need to be “spiritually supported” to see the underlying beliefs that this dream is about.  It also usually means I have a long time ahead of me working through what the underlying beliefs are i.e. I must first learn to stand, to see the beliefs, to then begin spiritually “walking through” the beliefs and then releasing them, There is lots of heavy lifting ahead of me.

And what is in this “learning dream centre”?  Why I have books!  Used books anodized notebooks in fact.  And, I can’t recall what any of them were about (which is why I am sitting down!)  Sticking with the books for a moment, I get the “feeling” that I have read these books before i.e. before I incarnated?  YES.  Which is why the books are “used” and why the notebooks have handwriting in italics. I find it very interested that the notebooks contain italicized handwriting.  “Why this,” I ask myself? It’s to draw my attention to the fact that I have been working through what the books are about before!  Okay, I tell myself, I get the message!

There was only two books.  Two the symbol of unity i.e. masculine and feminine,  ying and yang.  So I am sending myself a little message telling me that by learning to recall what these books are about will assist me in releasing old beliefs and neutralizing them i.e. no more masculine or feminine.  This will raise my vibrations.

One book I placed on my masculine side i.e. right.  This is the first one I should focus on.  It was a used book and it felt old, with at the edges little signs of being used, it was a linen sort of backing with a natural color, a bit yellowish. The paper inside was also a bit yellow (because of age).  It contains knowledge that I have used in many of my other lives.  YES!!!!  That’s why it’s used and “aging”.  I make a mental note to myself to meditate on this book for the next while, asking my higher self and teachers to assist me in recalling what is in the “book”.

And now I return to the theme of the dream.  Wanting to be alone is the effect of some masculine based beliefs.  Feminine is nurturing and collaborative.  So I am sending myself a hint.  I need to ask my other lives to assist me i.e. I don’t need to do this all on my own.  They are very close by, waiting for me to “Spiritually wake up” and ask them for assistance.  That’s why I am using an old, well used book.  i close on the books by mentioning that the book on my masculine side has a masculine cover made with old dead feminine materials i.e. linen.  This is a strong hint to myself to learn to “rip away” the old belief covers that are restricting my spiritual growth.

I am using my masculine side again for the additional table (hint, hint… I am giving myself lots of spiritual learning clues in this classroom scene!)

Now I turn to the lighting in this scene.  It was very bright daylight and probably morning.  The bright light is good since it indicates that I am spiritually illuminating my learning lesson BUT it is mostly me doing it and not my higher self i.e. I am in a belief compartment – the classroom AND I can’t see any windows i.e. breaks in my belief walls around me.  Morning makes sense since I have a long way to go regarding understanding the underlying beliefs  i.e. I am just getting going!

And now I focus on the tables.  They were made of dead feminine i.e wood and supported by masculine beliefs i.e. metal.  The masculine beliefs are low vibration i.e. painted grey.  So I am sending myself additional hints that what I need to work on is some old masculine based beliefs which in turn create old feminine based beliefs that “rest on top” of the old masculine.

And now I consider who was sitting beside me…A person I couldn’t see.  A male who is on my feminine side.  Who is he?  Oversoul? Yes.  This is interesting.  My oversoul, i can’t see and it’s displaying itself as a male presence i.e. yet another hint that my feminine abilities are being driven by my masculine based beliefs i.e. I am giving myself a little kick in the butt to get at this.  By releasing old masculine my feminine abilities (i.e. healing, intuition, creativity, etc.) will begin to increase.

I am a little sad that I wasn’t that interested in my oversoul sitting next to me. I recall the theme of the dream of me wanting to be alone to learn.  Angelique I will take a little segway here and tell you a short story about myself.

When I first went to a spiritual church 8 or so years ago, the medium on the platform came to me brining in my old dead uncle Peter.  He told me that I was in my kayak paddling upstream on my own.  I could continue to do this or, I could learnt to paddle with others.  I then began to cry because it was so true.  I got the same message a year later as a gentle reminder to consider not wanting to be alone learning on my own anymore (i.e. I’m a stubborn soul!). I have learnt to listen to this message which is one of the reasons you and I are having this electronic chat.  Meanwhile, back to your dream…

Finally I end his scene by discussion my thoughts and feelings.  I was quite inside during this scene, glad that there wasn’t people to disturb my learning.  Now, as I write this, I feel a bit sad about that.  If I work on my beliefs that are limiting me, I will be excited and full of learning energy, bopping around with others, instead of sitting their arranging my learning materials all on my own.

On to the second scene! The vulgar lady!

In fact, this was the first scene.  She wasn’t “my type” and I wasn’t glad to see her.  White lady, maybe 30/40, dress, dark color dress (black??)  She passed from the back on the right side.  It felt to me as if she was in the wrong place, not really willing to meet her.  She was out of tune so to say and wonder what she was doing there. Thought she was not there for the class.

I “Feel” that this is the most important scene in the whole dream. Why?

First of all, who is she?  Symbol?  No. Other life?  Yes.  So I am looking at myself in another life.  This life is presenting herself to “myself” trying to “teach me something” about myself.  AND I don’t want to learn.  I recall the theme of the dream i.e. me learning on my own and now I understand why I sort of blew by her into the classroom scene.

So why don’t I like her i.e. myself, in this other life? Was I using some of my feminine abilities i.e. voice and spiritual voice to make a living.  Yes.  And, I was struggling.  YES.  AND no one was helping me.  yes.  I am crying here as I write this because of the sense of sadness this other life is sending me.  Trying her best, not measuring up in other’s eyes.  She passed bye on my masculine side i.e. we both share some of the same underlying masculine based beliefs.

I make a strong mental note to myself task her in my meditations and dreams to assist me.  She will if I “open myself up spiritually” to her.  I in turn will then assist her.

And on to the next scene…

I am in a small masculine belief compartment i.e. aluminum plane.  I have used this vehicle to “Travel around’ spiritually for likely many, many lives.  The door out of this belief compartment is to my masculine side .i.e. right side of the plane.

I am in a training flight (recall the theme of the dream i.e. learning) which is why the plane seems like a training plane.

i couldn’t see any windows in the plane i.e. my belief walls are restricting myself access to my higher self.  HOWEVER, the door is open such that I can now glimpse the bigger spiritual world outside my belief filters.

inside the plane there are 2 to 3 seats.  The overall colour inside is black i.e. low vibrations.  On the metal floor i.e. masculine based beliefs which are currently supporting me is some dead feminine i.e. wood that is painted green i.e. my heart chakra.

And who’s up front piloting the plane?  My oversoul.  He’s dressed in army type clothes (i.e. masculine) with big pockets on his trousers i.e. he’s carrying some baggage in being able to spiritually walk around i.e. myself and my other lives!

He then leaves the plane unattended and focuses his attention on the three people standing ready to jump i.e. leave the masculine based beliefs the plane represents.  I am sitting i.e. I need to be spiritually supported to see the effects of my underlying masculine based beliefs.

I am not worried when my oversoul leaves the controls.  Why should I?  He’s my oversoul!

Those three people!  They’re my other lives!  They too share the same underlying beliefs as I do.  They are all men.

All of my other lives have parachutes and make the jump.  HOWEVER, I don’t watch it.  And that’s why I am sitting down.  I am not yet ready for this.  As the dream began I felt nervous.  Now I know why.

And on the next scene…

I am outside i.e. it’s a teaching dream. HOWEVER, it feels like evening light with the lighting coming from a lamp.  “Oh! Oh!” I think to myself.  Whenever I am in low lighting it means low vibrations and lots of work ahead of me to “en-lighten” myself about whatever beliefs I am dealing with.

There where people inside and outside the building, brown color, many more than the ones on the plane. I was outside and they were more dressed (elegantly) for the occasion. I was standing there among them, and suddenly I heard the vulgar lady sing. I was surprised she had a good voice. So who are these people? They are more of my other lives.

So why are they dressed elegantly?  Ah…old feminine based values about looking good, social pecking order, etc.  So they/I am sending myself a message to begin meditating on my old feminine values.

And, there is some good news!  My vulgar other life has a good voice i.e. I am beginning to understand my “old” spiritual voice!

All this makes sense of my overall theme.  I wanted to learn alone.  Now I am being given a choice.  I can continue or, I can work with my other lives.

And I end this scene with my thoughts and feelings “I was aware that I hadn’t visualize the jump yet and it made me feel not so very clever. I knew visualizing it would help me.”  I really don’t want to contemplate what this dream is about which is why I was sitting in the classroom and on the plane.  It will take me some spiritual time to work my way such that I am “ready for the jump” away form my old beliefs which are carrying me.

And finally the last scene…

I am back in my belief vehicle,  i.e. the plane, again.  Now I no longer see my oversoul.  “HE” is now waiting for me to figure it out on my own and do the heavy lifting.

When the dream began I was feeling “like it wasn’t wise not to visualize the jump, but also regrets not having looked at the others how they jumped. It made me a bit insecure.”  I have to learn to face myself or, I will feel, underneath the hood so to speak, insecure.  I have a choice to learn on my own or, I can learn from my other lives.

I thought I was with the three others.  My feelings tell me I was.

Lighting was coming from the open door and now from the front of the plane i..e my higher self is slowly beginning to shine through some of the breaks in my old belief suit.

And now I close with my final thoughts and feelings “I wasn’t looking forward to jump but saw it more as “part of the job” something that had to be done. Waking up by the alarm made me realize the dream wasn’t finished.”  I am at the “precipice” of my choice…do I accept the part of the job that I am offering myself and learn to learn with my other lives or not?  Like all good dreams, the choice is our own to make.  Do I begin my spiritual voyage to make the “jump”?


Angelique – Dream #2

I visited a new practice circle for mediumship in a building with normal light and the room looked more or less like an “office”(more or less modern).

Just a few people were there and we went to visit another group in the same large building. We had to go through the building and took us a few minutes walking. This group had more facilities, They could make tea, had a little kitchen and so on. It was clear that they were there longer. Going back to the first room I then followed some other members of the group to the other side of the street and there was supposed to be another facility for a practice circle. We went to  a sort of garage/ storage place which as full of stuff and we had to walk over lots of things like little gemstones

that were at the floor and there to be used for selling/ trade. This was an old building and I think it needed to be restored or they were already busy doing so. I had to go through the building, through a space with a few steps going down.

The steps were simple and looked as being made out of sandstone (yellow) and higher than usual. And although I didn’t feel very much at ease, going deeper and deeper in to the building, and the room seemed so far away from the entrance, I continued walking because in the distance distance their was a sort of stadium or amphitheater in full light, white light. I felt okay with that and then I woke up.


Angelique – Dream #2 Interpretation

The Practice Circle

This dream has a number of scenes.  So I first begin with my first thought and feeling which will likely contain the overall theme of the entire dream.  “I am open to new experiences and will see how things will go and be”.  So this dream is somewhat like my other dream where I want to learn new things.  I am opening myself up to see what will occur.  (A note from Guy to Angelique – you are a brave soul to keep opening yourself up in these dreams.)

So now I consider where I am locating this dream.  I could have placed it anywhere BUT I have selected the following place.    “It was a large building somehow reminded me of a hospital and it had several floors. There were large windows in it, the windows at the front side opposite to the entrance and I came through the entrance. The room was mostly white and light came through the windows and from artificial lighting as well.”

So why here? I immediately get a strong feeling that it is a sort of spiritual hospital of sorts.  I am going to learn something about my inner beliefs that will allow myself to begin the healing process.

I note that the building had multiple floors i.e. I am going to be dealing with beliefs that have different levels of vibrations AND many of my other lives have also shared the same beliefs.

i also note that the “building”, i.e. my old belief compartment,  was well lit form outside as well as from in-side.  This is good news.  It indicates that my higher self is assisting me i.e. the natural life AND that I am also illuminating it well i.e. the artificial indoor light.  The large windows are a good sign in that whatever these beliefs are, there are now openings to my greater self developing.  So, at the start of this dream, I am excited based on what I have uncovered so far.

I find myself at a white door.  So this room doesn’t have beliefs that are affecting my chakras directly?  Yes.

And what of the room?  “I can’t recall much detail but it was a very sober room like a school classroom or an office. There were tables and probably chairs but can’t describe them. Because I was in the door opening, all things were in front of me?” Why is it “sober”?  This has a serious connotation about it i.e. masculine based.  YES.  So i am looking in on a small belief compartment I have used before?  YES.  And I have learnt from it i.e. I don’t need to go in.  It is not very emotional i.e. feminine. Now it appears small and restricted.

The walls were made of stucco i.e. a masculine symbol and were white.  The floor was made of stone i.e. feminine.  I am done with this room.

I note that I felt it was spring or early summer i.e. It is time to spiritually grow!

And there standing in front of me….3 people!  the number 3 i.e. a symbol of unity of the mind, spirit and body.  Three other lives.  One of them a woman who was modern dressed. I need to meditate on these three people.  They and I share the same underlying beliefs this dream scene is about.  They can help me.  I help them by deciding to leave the room without entering it! My thoughts and feelings were “I just went with the others, just exploring, being open minded.”  And off I go to the second scene…

“The door opening of the first room was at the left side when you would stand in front of it, so I turned to the right side and went through a short passage. Then I was in a hall not very large but normal for a larger building. I  saw an elevator and I saw stairs and the walls were white of color mixed with sand color, the stairs was made of stone, a dark grey color. The floor was  travertine (sort of marble, beige color). The light as in official buildings good and artificial. The ceiling was high. The other room may have been at the 3rd floor. Think I took the elevator. The doors of the elevator were aluminum color. The light in the elevator normal/ yellow.”

So I turn to my masculine i.e. right.  There is a short belief corridor we immediately walk through.  This is a symbol of the journey I am going to take in my life if I decide to follow my instincts.  First, I will have to work through some masculine beliefs.  It will happen relatively quickly in spiritual time (not human time) i.e. the short corridor.

Then I come to a place where I can raise my vibrations easily, i.e. the elevator -masculine or, slowly on my own i.e. the stairs made of marble i.e. feminine (also to the “ left” of the masculine i.e. the elevator).    I opt for the masculine way (of course!  that’s what I need to learn about such that the next time I can spiritually take myself up the vibrations.)  I note that the doors of the elevator were the colour of a man made material aluminum.  I also note that the stairs were a dark grey i.e. low vibrational colour.   So now I am going to see some of my beliefs that are at a higher vibration than the first ones I turned away from i.e. third floor.

I am on my own yet following the other three.  Hint, this is just like the last dream I had with the plane.

At the start of this scene my feelings/thoughts were “ I was curious how the new group would be like and open to meet new people in order the experience new things and grow as a medium.”  then at the end I was thinking/feeling “Okay we could work here, it is a little “clean” and official room but let’s see and wait.”  What I am doing in this dream is somewhat missing the point of the dream.  To be a good medium, i first must release a lot of my old “belief baggage” that is restricting the communication channel from one “side” to the “other”.  To do that I need to be working with people.  And in this scene I am both alone as well as following others.  There is lots of work ahead for me.  And on to the next scene…

And here I am in the other practice room i.e. I am in another of my belief chambers that is higher than the other one I left behind. And what do I find?  “I think this room was at the 3rd floor and had windows at both sides. One side connecting to a passage and the other side the front of the building. When I entered this room you could notice a lot of people used this room. It had more the feeling of a living room, different from what you would expect in this building. There was stuff lying around. Tables with books, jackets over chairs and the table I saw had a dark top. You can imagine this is a room where people feel at home as they visit his room often. I wasn’t very tidy. I know there was another space a the back and it felt as if it was a little kitchen I knew people could make a cup of tea over here and maybe have a bite. You could feel a lot of activity going on.”

First of all my spiritual beliefs this room is about has more unity developing i.e. there are windows on both side of the rooms i.e. I am opening my old beliefs up allowing my greater self to “shine through.”  Second, there is a lot of my other lives using the same beliefs i.e. it is well used.  This is a good sign i.e. at least some of my other lives are working hard to raise their vibrations.  The table had a dark top i.e. low vibrational beliefs are in my belief compartment.  My other lives are using reading to learn knowledge (just like the classroom dream!).

In the back of my spiritual belief compartment I find a small kitchen i.e. a place where I and my other lives prepare our spiritual beliefs.  This is a sign that my spiritual growth is already starting to recognize that these beliefs need to be released as well.

Standing at the door opening I noticed a table at the left side (i.e, my feminine beliefs) with some chairs some clothes were hanging over the wooden chair (brown wood – which makes sense.  Old dead feminine beliefs).   The top of the table was black and all sort of thing were lying there. (it reminded me of the student rooms of my girls, a mess, lol)(this too makes sense since it is low vibration AND  my masculine beliefs of control are driving my beliefs about tidiness.  So I don’t like the old masculine beliefs that my old feminine is supporting.)   At the left side also the windows , half the height of the room looking at he passage, the window frame was white (Windows to my feminine side).  . In front of me at the backside I noticed another door opening, for the little kitchen.

However, where are my other lives? I only saw one woman in the location.  She is making herself busy i.e. she’s not listening to herself spiritually trying to keep herself “occupied”.  It felt like people in the room were more in a rush and occupied with themselves”.  And what am I thinking “though it looked more “human” because it was clearly being used by many people I felt no preference for this room comparing with the other. I was a bit to messy maybe for me.”  Angelique, I am chuckling to myself as I write this because I never read through all the answers first.  I simply begin my interpretation and work my way thought the dream reading your replies as I come to them in the dream.  And after writing about messiness and masculine based beliefs driving this, I come to you comments about it “being a bit too messy for me!”  Regardless, back to your dream…

I am thinking “I think it wasn’t meant for me.”  I am missing the point of this dream. Of course it’s meant for me.  I need to first of all accept it and then I can release the beliefs and move on.  Ah dreams…they kind of hold your spiritual face in the mirror until you are willing to look and face oneself!  And on to the next scene…

I am back in the first room.  I actually don’t know how I got the idea to cross the street to look for the other room., Before I entered the first room I didn’t know there would be 3 rooms and I do know that I wasn’t over enthusiastic to have seen the two rooms. It didn’t awake a longing within me to be there and practice. I just needed to find a place to practice and was willing to give a try to whatever would came across. . I followed the others across the street, which was strange as I had no contact with them, they didn’t speak to me. And I didn’t feel connected in any way. I felt very much being on my own.

This scene sums up my dream today.  I am thinking that I need to “find a place” to practice becoming a medium.  My spiritual exploration is “outside’ of myself instead of focusing on what’s inside myself i.e. the rooms. My other lives aren’t speaking to me BECAUSE, I am not open to them doing so.  It is myself not them who is the limiting factor, which is why I felt very much being on my own i.e. masculine beliefs are leading me.  And on to the last scene…

So where am I locating this scene?  The building across the street was an old building and I remember the wall were made of bricks medium to dark colour.  It was a building within a street and it looked like an old warehouse (beginning of the 20th century) The entrance was like a double door, curved at the top. TA kind of door to let in bulk. The street was like a small town street. I didn’t notice any traffic and when I entered the building I saw two man.  A thin man, elderly. The other one I can’t recall. At the floor many things were being spread and it was quite dusty. Among the things I noticed small pendants made of gemstones. I was walking upon bare feed and had to step over and through what was on the floor. I went to the back of the building turning to the right side and then I noticed going deeper and deeper in the building through a passage made of stone like sandstone. It felt as if I was now in an older part, much older like Middle Ages. I had to go downwards and wasn’t very comfortable being so far away from the entrance.

Very, very interesting…

Okay, I am now “crossing over” to see some of my other lives.  I am having to lower my vibrations to do so i.e. I am going down 2 large steps (that number 2 again!).  The building is a symbol of many of the beliefs that my other lives have used and, I am using today in this life, which is why it looks like an old warehouse.

The entrance was like a double door, curved at the top, kind of to let in bulk i.e. I have used this belief chambers LOTS in my other lives to live in.  We have LOTS OF LARGE BELIEFS we live in here i.e. the LARGE double doors (hint, hint the number 2 again).

Two men are there (hint, hint the number 2 yet again).  They are other lives.  I make a mental note to add them to my meditation list asking them to assist me in recognizing and then releasing the beliefs.

And what am I walking over?  Gemstones!  I know there was a large number an all sorts with a little ring to hang on as a pendant. It was a wide selection and they were simply all over the floor and looked quite dusty. The size would be around 1,5 to 2 cm.  And so I ask myself “why the hell am I walking barefoot over gemstones?”  This is the heart of this scene.

It’s because I now no longer need any beliefs to cover my spiritual feet to support me.  I am now “feeling” what my old beliefs that were supporting me were about.  Wealth, opulence, status, showing off.  All beliefs resulting from old masculine based beliefs that then created old feminine beliefs.  I have been “fascinated” and/or “mesmerized” by these beliefs for many, many of my other lives.  Now, I am at a point where I no longer need to bend down and “pick” up these old beliefs.  Instead I carefully pass over them.  (Way to go Angelique!).

I note that I felt “I could feel them in the soles of my feet. I felt sorry that they were spread over the floor and not polished. The people there clearly didn’t care.” I am the one who hasn’t figure out that this was all about me and my other lives where we didn’t care about the underlying beliefs and instead only focused on wealth, status, etc.

And then I am going deeper into my belief compartments.  Now I am turning to even more masculine based ones i.e. right.  I am going downwards i.e.  lowering my vibrations.  I am picking up that in some of my other lives in the Middle Ages, I shared these same beliefs.

I recall going through the warehouse which was full of trade stuff to the right where the passage was (i.e.my masculine side).. The passage didn’t contain any objects, the walls were rough like the steps, like they were hand carved. The width of the passage was maybe 1,5 meter and the length maybe3 meter, then there were the steps and the passage was much longer after the steps. In the distance far away, maybe a few hundred meters, I notice the theatre.

So I am walking through old, old beliefs that that I have made myself i.e. had carved.  They are now limiting me.

When I went through the passage and feeling not happy going so deep in that building I saw the amphitheater just before I wanted to go down the steps. It made me feel that everything was okay. As if it was the place you had told us about. Although the passage wasn’t very light or very dark, the light above and within the theatre was luminous and very bright. It was far away from me and yet I could understand what it was. The shape was a bit like a funnel. I only saw the upper part and the light above the theatre was warm and golden. It looked like the ones being made like in the Roman times.

So what is the amphitheater?  Real or a symbol?  Symbol.  Of arriving!  Of home!  Roman?  Other lives I need to connect with as well.  The light is golden! (Take a look Angelique at the attached copy of a pdf book by a man called David Leadbetter “the Chakras”.  Look at the pictures for each chakra.  Now you can see what stage you are at i.e. golden.

When this scene began I had this thought/feeling “It was something I had to do, to investigate and see if there were possibilities to practice. I was surprised and i couldn’t imagine that there would be a good room in that building to practice.” I am open to learning BUT I am missing the point of the dream again.  I am looking for an external “place to practice” instead of focusing within.  These rooms all need to be explored and then the associated beliefs released.  That’s how I will raise my vibrations.

However, I take heart that while “I didn’t feel much at ease, but felt the urge to go in there.”  I am slowly learning to follow my instincts i.e. my feminine side.

And finally I come to the last feeling/though of my dream  “The feeling that everything would be okay. It felt like a holy place and things would become clear to me. I might as well wake up because I knew all is well. This was the place I would be taught. “ Then I woke up.

It is me who is going to teach myself AND if I allow it, the greater “ME” i.e. “US” i.e. my other lives and I who will learn together.

Dear, dear Angelique.  You have given yourself one heck of a kick in your spiritual behind.  Over and over these two dreams have shown that you are once like me “paddling upstream in my kayak alone”.  The choice is yours.  You can continue or, you can ask all these wonderful other lives to assist you AND you can assist them.


You have had what I call a “Wake up and smell the spiritual coffee” type dream.  It can be a major spiritual turning point and driving force in your life if you accept what these dreams are telling you.

I hope that some of what I have said resonates deeply within you.

With many kind regards,


Cindy – Dream #1

I have worked with Cindy lots over the years. There are two dreams that stand out. As you read them, you can see that Cindy was sending herself dream messages to spiritually wake up and address something that occurred when she was a young teenage.

Dream #1:
My dream took place in the house I lived at several years ago (the same house as the Julian Lennon dream).
I was with my three sisters and we were sort of hurrying through the house because we felt it was haunted. (I always felt another presence while living there-mostly in the downstairs bedroom).

In some ways the house was different inside and there seemed to be things moving by themselves up above us. We were rushing down the hallway and around past the staircase, from left to right, but somehow the whole floor above was missing and that is where the strange things were happening. It seemed darker the higher up there was.

My sisters were saying we needed to get out of the house, that there were things happening that were scaring them. As we went by where the staircase was though, I saw a door to my right. I opened it and saw my brother’s blue suit lying there, like he should have been in it but wasn’t. (He is the one that died 4 years ago).

I told my sisters about my brother’s suit lying in that room (they didn’t see it), but they just thought that it didn’t matter. It seemed to matter a lot to me, and I told them I could feel my brother’s presence in the room. The room was a little dark, but around his suit was lit up better.

As I turned to see if I was going to join my sisters, I woke up.

I think I know the basics about the dream, but it is still fresh for me. The part of my brother’s suit and him not there, seemed that he wasn’t right there with us, but not far away. As I write this, I feel like he is near to me.

I feel like I am missing something else though.



Cindy – Dream Questions/Answers

Dream Questions/Answers:

Thanks. I will see what I can remember. Since I wrote this down, I feel like I have lost some of it, while some of it isn’t clear as yet.

  1. I was inside the house from the start.
  2. It began in the hallway and it was a hardwood floor, rather dark
  3. I think that hallway was mostly white.
  4. We were sort of running down the hallway and around past where the stairs were, which seemed to be there and were wooden-dark (I think 13 steps?), but somehow there was also a door near there.
  5. I think there may have been 3 windows in the upcoming room, a living room, but I couldn’t actually seem them, just the light from them.
  6. I do not remember anything on the walls at all-try as I might to remember.
  7. The only furniture that may have been at all was in the room with My brother’s suit in it-where the suit was lying-across a sort of old fashioned-not sofa-can’t think of the name of it. The kind of thing seen in older movie-sort of a fainting couch?

The suit was navy blue, and somewhat modern-no more than 10 years old. Now I can remember a dark red tie lying there too.

  1. The light I think was coming from above and slightly to my right. I did not enter the room.
  2. Hmm. I think we may have all been teenagers, with one being maybe 18, another 16, me 14, and the youngest 13. We were in that order. I can remember seeing one’s long brown hair that she had then and we had on summer-type clothes-shorts and sleeveless shirts.They were all there from the beginning and we were running and I stopped at the door and opened it, somehow knowing I needed to.
  3. There was no one else in the dream. Just that I could feel my brother’s presence the room-sort of like he filled it up with who he was? Fun, smart. creative, silly.
  4. I think I had a body in this dream-I seem to remember pink shorts.
  5. My thoughts-hmm. I didn’t seem as afraid of the things that were happening-things moving on their own and why my sisters wanted to leave and didn’t even want to stop and “feel” my brother. His suit seemed like it represented him in life (he was a banker) but now, he no longer needed that life, and was free to fill up space with his presence.

I got the feeling that it was a sort of visit in a way with my brother and also, that I am more comfortable about “death” than my sisters, since I know we’ve all done it so many times.



Cindy – Dream #1 Interpretation

So why am I locating in in this house?  Hmm…It’s my spiritual house.  Darkish…i.e. I have lots of work to do to release old beliefs.  Further, my higher self isn’t assisting me in this dream or it would have natural sunlight…so I’m on my own sort of toiling on my own.

My dream begins in a hallway…this is a “belief corridor” ie. I am moving through a set of narrowly confining beliefs.  I am on my feminine i.e. hardwood floors (thank God I am saying to myself, I am getting sort of sick in dealing with masculine based beliefs!).  The hallway was mostly white so i am not traveling through beliefs that are low vibrations or the walls would be coloured darkly.

My dream begins with me running in  sequence with my sisters.  I pause to consider them.  Are they my “sisters”?  Yes.  Hmm…then why are we all teenagers?  I get a “feeing” that the age I was then, 14, is very important to me or, I wouldn’t be creating the dream at this time.  Cindy, what was happening to you at age 14?  Why are we running in age sequence?  I feel this is VERY IMPORTANT.  I am trying to draw my attention to my age AND also to how i viewed myself in relation to my sisters at this age.  Very, very interesting.

i ask myself if this was sexual?  I get a strong “yes”.  I then park this to the side to meditate on later.

The stairs, I’m not sure what direction they were going, were wooden.  Again my feminine.  13?  Was it 13?  No,  12 …I am getting the feeling.  So i go to my online reference (http://sacredscribesangelnumbers.blogspot.ca/2011/06/angel-number-12.html) and check this out…

Angel Number 12 is a message from your angels not to be hindered by old habits that need to be changed.  It tells you to look to new experiences with optimism as they will bring about favourable and positive effects and opportunities.  This helps with achieving goals and aspirations, and allows for the ‘old’ to be replaced with the ‘new’.   When the Angel Number 12 appears your angels may be telling you to look to different ways to enhance your home, garden and surrounds. This includes matters within the house and family arena.  The angels encourage you to surround yourself with love and gaiety.   The repeating Angel Number 12 is a message from your angels to ensure that what you put out to the Universe is of a positive nature.  You are asked to stay on a positive path and to use your natural skills, talents and abilities to their utmost for the benefit of yourself and others.

The room we are running towards, a living room, has 3 windows.  I make a mental note to myself to research the number 3 (hint, hint).  It’s a living room, so where I am spiritually running to has to do with a place where I will spiritually “live” and also meet and exchange beliefs with others (My other lives I get the feeling).  So my higher self is “ahead of me” sort of dimly illuminating the scene through the windows, patiently waiting for me to “figure this out” and to meet myself so to speak.

And now I come to the heart of my dream…My brother.  I ask myself if it is My brother’s presence I am feeling?  no.  I am using him as a symbol of my masculine…old masculine.  The room was to my right….ie my masculine side.  I know I needed to stop.  Ah…it’s because my old masculine is dying!

That’s why I am using My brother’s “presence” as a symbol.  He was a banker, i.e. caught up in a life of material possessions.  He represents to me my old masculine based beliefs I have been using.  That’s why his suit was lying on an old style couch.  I am sending myself a message that this “old set of beliefs” is now “dead” just like My brother.  I am a young teenage girl in my dream that is at an age where I am becoming sexually aware.  That’s why in the room there is a red tie.  I have some beliefs that emerged at this age that I now know I no longer need. That’s why I was wearing “pink” shorts.

That presence in the room…it’s my feminine…fun, smart, creative silly.

Very interesting dream Cindy.

Hope this helps.


Cindy – Dream #2


I wish I could remember more of this dream but all I can remember is that a lady wanted to dance on a stage, but the stage looked dirty. When I went to clean it, it was covered in dry oatmeal! Dust and oatmeal. I swept and cleaned it and the lady was getting ready to dance and I woke up. There were overhead stage lights and the floor was wooden, but that is all I can remember.

What came to mind right away was that I have to clean away something in order to be “in the spotlight”, or something similar. Why the oatmeal though?



Cindy – Dream #2 Interpretation

Hmmm…Lady?  I get a feeling that she is one of your teachers.  Stage?  It’s your belief “stage”/  Good thing there’s not too much objects on the stage i.e. you’re getting ready to “move around” the belief compartment.  Wooden fool?  Your feminine.  So why the dirty stage with dust and oatmeal?  Oatmeal…another life.  I would meditate on this if I were you.  Dust?  It’s showing that you have some belief cleaning up to do before you can take “centre stage”.  Your teacher is showing you that you can use your feminine abilities if you bear down and clean up old beliefs i.e. get the pick out and work away!  I would also meditate on why your teacher selected to be female, very thin, small and her hair up.  She’s sending you a message that only you can decipher.

Hope this helps.


Cindy – Dream Follow-up Replies

Then Cindy replied…

Okay, this is really odd! I was meditating but only for a bit-got sidetracked, but the woman came through from my dream and it was Irene Ryan-the actress (best known for The Beverly Hillbillies as Granny) but also did a lot of stage work.


She died in 1973-the year I turned 14-is there a connection to the other dream? Just that thought came through as I was typing.

She was a very small and thin woman but I am still puzzled!

Any ideas? What would she want to teach me?

I replied back…


You’re trying very hard to send yourself a message about the time when you were 14.  Go back through this period in your youth.  The fact that the tie was red and that you were wearing pink shorts indicates that it has something to do with underlying sexual beliefs.  The fact that you and your sisters were dressed as for summer indicates that the time when you need to focus on is summertime.

Also think through any major death or birth events at this time.  Did any of your uncles etc. sort of make a play for you at this time?  Or, was it some sexual feelings you had for another male or female that had you all crushed or what?  You don’t need to tell me.  It’s your journey.

Meditate and reflect.  The answer will come to you.  14 is the age.  The rest is up to you to figure it out.



And then Cindy replied after meditating…

So I was able to meditate for about 30 or 35 minutes. Some things came through that I did not remember.

First, I asked for healing and guidance and felt such overwhelming peace go through me. At one point I saw angel’s wings and two doors. Both doors were white and shiny and I could see the wings between them.

I then seemed to be 12 again and the first thing I remembered it realizing that my friend had lied to her mother about where we were going. Then, I could feel myself in the backseat of a car and there were two black young men and her cousin too. I felt cramped and hot and sort in a panic. She and another guy was in the front seat and we went to a house-rather run down and I could see that it was pail yellow. (I had never remembered most of this.)

I saw as myself take a small sip out of a wine bottle. It tasted like sour blackberries and I wanted to spit it out. I could hear all the others drinking and laughing and I went to the window to look out. It was starting to get dark and I had no idea where I was or what to do.

Flash forward to me lying on a little mat on the flour and I had a purple nightgown that I had then that my brother had gotten me the previous Christmas! (I had never remembered any of this!) Don’t you think this is all connected with my brother and my other dreams?

The next thing I remembered being touched in places that made me so scared and that guy kissing me and I kept pulling away.

Then, it gets more hazy and I can feel hot tears running into my mouth and the guy trying to rape me, but I don’t think he tried for long, because of my reaction. I think he left me alone then.

I then remembered lying on my friend’s Grandmother’s couch (but it was before the next morning.) And my friend was very drunk and had her Grandma’s cane and was screaming obscenities and stomping around with that cane. I felt such anger and hatred right then for her and I felt I should let it rise and then fall away and I could finally heal.

I then kept seeing flashes of how I became so, I guess sort of scared of men. It is why I didn’t date much or have a physical relationship until I was 23.

I felt such love and a release after I journeyed though all this and I felt like my brother was there to help me. I felt like it was him that showed me that purple nightgown.

I then sent him a thanks, you one too for helping me so much. And the angel/guide.

There is more to come I think but I feel like a huge rock as been lifted from me.

Hugs and thanks,


Paul – Dream

I become aware of the dream with awareness of seeing a young girl aged between 18 months to 3 years. She has a “bobbed” style haircut and brown hair. She is wearing a white tunic and has her arm, hand and index finger outstretched. Perched on her finger is a two inch long Queen bee.

I feel that I am living in a commune and this scene is unfolding in a poly tunnel or large greenhouse for the growing of food. No-one else seems to be about when I hear the sound of a swarm of bees.

I quickly remove the bee from the girl’s finger and edge her away from the scene. The swarm descend on me and I realise that I have to sit still – they are only interested in being near the Queen.

I feel the weight and heat of having so many bees settle on my upper half. The weight and heat is oppressive and the tickling is getting serious. I realise I cannot physically get away but can send my concentration away on a meditative trip.

I make this contemplative leap and see myself traverse a winding pathway through a long Oriental garden. Formally planted to look natural, the garden was all shades of green. the pathway was winding but easy to walk and followed a stream. Ahead, there was a ornate Oriental bridge and the other side led to a raised landscape. There was less colour the other side of the bridge and more vagueness and grey colour of land and sky.

Standing nearest to the end of the bridge at the opposite side was my mother (she died last November) and behind her were a number of other of my relatives who had died some time ago. We conversed for a while with each party standing on their respective sides of the bridge. After speaking with my loved ones, a Spirit Guide standing at the back came forward to speak. He spoke at length and delivered philosophy. I don’t recall a single word of what was said by anyone.

I then become aware that I am back in my body but the bees have virtually gone. The greenhouse, being part of the commune, had people close enough to hand who became aware of what was taking place and some brought smoke guns to gently shift the bees away – not one sting!

When asked how I had managed to sit so still, I described the meditative trip. In recognition of the experience, the commune, together, re-created the Oriental garden and bridge in a neglected part of the grounds they owned as a lasting reminder.


Paul – Dream Interpretation

Hi Paul,

Thanks for sending me the three emails with your replies in-line. Below is my interpretation of your dream as if it was mine. A caveat before I begin…

Dreams are for each of us to interpret on our own. Therefore, if anything I say doesn’t resonate with you, then simply discard it and continue on your own. So with that said, off I go…

Okay, this is a dream with multiple scenes. In my dreams, I always think about what my first thought/feeling was at the very beginning since this is usually the theme of the overall dream. In this dream I was “Looking at the girl – she’s cute. What’s she got? How fabulous that she’s interested in nature. Oh Oh – an oversized bee that doesn’t fly – sound of a swarm – this is dangerous for a child”. Very interesting…so what is this about? Hmmm…

The girl? She’s a symbol of my feminine…my young feminine. I am thinking she’s “cute” i.e. somewhat sexual, attractive. She’s interested in nature. Then I see nature on her finger and hear the sound of it coming towards me. I think it’s dangerous for my young feminine i.e. me.

So this dream is going to be about my young feminine, my ideas of sexuality and how nature i.e. my feminine is dangerous to me (i.e. likely my old masculine)? YES.

Okay, so now I consider where I am locating the first scene. First, I ask myself if this location is from another life or, is it symbolic or both? Symbolic.

I am in a big greenhouse. “It’s big – aircraft hangar size. It’s not normal garden size nor obvious what it’s constructed with – just the impression of large scale cultivation.” So a greenhouse is where we grow things under controlled conditions. I note that I am not outside but inside i.e. a large, spacious “belief compartment”. So I am within a masculine belief compartment that is controlling my feminine i.e. nature. Further, my masculine based beliefs are “large”. I “feel” that large in this context means “big” i.e. major in many of my other lives. This fits in with the overall theme of nature i.e. my feminine and me being threatened by it i.e. my old masculine based beliefs.

I can only recall the essence of growing tomatoes with a feeling they are grown with high technology. So I find it interesting that out of all the vegetables in the world, I have chosen tomatoes. They are red and red in my dreams relates to the lowest chakra i.e. my sex chakra. This too makes sense to the overall thereof my ideas about sexuality. Further, I note that they are grown with “high technology. Technology in my dreams is a symbol of my masculine i.e. man-made. I am using the word “high” to emphasize my “worshipping” of my underlying old masculine based beliefs. I like them!

I just “knew” I was in a commune and in a growing facility. So why the idea of a commune? Is it related to my current life? No. Other lives? Yes. So I am showing myself, via my dreams, that I spiritually live with my other lives. And, this dream is about me spiritually ‘growing” by recognizing the underlying beliefs that are restricting me.

“But the plants weren’t grown on the floor but from hip height upwards. Can recall some kind of bench to sit on.” I wish I could recall where the bench was relative to me and what it was made of as this would have been instructive on old beliefs I used to sit on i.e. spiritually support me. The plants aren’t grown from the ground i.e. nature. Instead I am using masculine based beliefs to support my ideas of feminine that I then “feed off of”.

To my left “I could only recall the essence of a door to the left but this could be a very large sliding set of doors as there was no real essence of a close enclosure just the feeling of containment of heat and controlled environment.” “Sliding rather than hinged and large – only the opening was felt.”

Okay, I am showing myself that the way out of this masculine based beliefs I have been using is to my feminine side. Further, the way is easy to open by simply sliding it.

To my left i.e my feminine side, is my young feminine i.e the girl!

So now I have ‘framed in” my dream using the location and the theme. Next I consider the lighting. “The light was more of an opaqueness before the arrival of the bees, may have been light blue and was coming uniformely from above with no sun. Sense that it is before noon rather than later but no way of knowing.”

I start with the time of day. I felt it was before noon i.e. I still have a ways to go until my higher self, i.e. the sun, is directly above me. Then I note that there is no sun in the first scene. So I am on my own in this scene to figure it out for myself. My belief walls are still “protecting me” from my higher self.

There is some good news in that the light colour is a healing colour i.e.light blue. So I am sending myself a message that in this scene I am going to heal myself in some way. The only other object in this scene is the bench I sat down upon with the bees.

And now I come to the three stars of the scene; the young girl, the queen bee and the swarm of bees! First my young feminine.  I am choosing a caucasian view of myself. I am told that this is for me to work out on my own as to why I am using this. She is standing there with a queen bee on her right index finger. Very, very interesting.

I am showing myself that the queen of nature i.e. my feminine that produces creativity and life, is on my young feminine’s masculine index finger. The “pointing finger”. The finger that allows us to “grasp things”. My young feminine is showing myself that my feminine is still being controlled by my masculine based beliefs. It is not in sync with my masculine.

And what do I do? “I perceived a life threatening danger so knew I had to move quickly to take it away from the girl. If this is a form of communication, so be it.” So I am scared of my feminine. My masculine based beliefs are all about control, building walls and “protecting myself” from my feminine. So I am then guided by this to “protect” myself i.e. my young feminine. I then remove the queen and now “I” am in control of my feminine AND it’s on my right hand i.e. masculine!

My young feminine? She is clearly inquisitive at the start and almost in awe and has no sense of possible danger, then I have the bee and she leaves the scene, I don’t even recall ushering her away or how she left. It is up to “me” know to deal with my old controlling ideas of my feminine so that’s why my young feminine disappears.

And what am I wearing in this scene? “I was exactly as I am now – White caucasian, aged 56, height 5′ 5”,wearing jeans and maybe a red checked cowboy style shirt – the like of which I haven’t owned for years.” First, I note that I am clothed i.e. I am wearing beliefs that cover up my inner self (on a side note Paul, I always find it interesting when I in my dreams and those of others always get sort of nervous and frantic when I am naked in a dream in front of others. The reason is that we don’t like to see ourselves as we are and we especially don’t want others to see this.)

I have a red checked “cowboy style” shirt on. Ah, that darn colour red again i.e.my sex chakra! And the “cowboy shirt” is a symbol to myself when “man moved west and conquered the “wild west” i.e. nature. It is covering my heart chakra i.e. my sex beliefs are somewhat masking (checked shirt) my heart beliefs.

And now the swarm! I believe they came from the left behind me as I had turned away from where the girl had been. Mostly one large group with lots of single bees flitting around the edges which quickly settled again with a few singles flying around the settled mass. So why the swarm?

They are a symbol of nature. They “protect” the feminine queen bee. They are a symbol of my old masculine! They come from my feminine i.e. left as I turned to my masculine i.e right.

And there I am. “Just perceived, because of the sense of danger, that there was a swarm. The dream quickly moved from the girl to sitting and being covered by large, 1 inch long slim bees which piled up to cover my entire upper torso and head to a depth of about 4 inches.” I find it interesting that they only cover my upper torso i.e. the heart and solar plexus areas. This is important to note. My old masculine is effectively blocking development of my spiritual abilities which spring from my solar plexus and my heart. And now, I, my dreaming self, knows it.

So now I am sitting down i.e. I need to be spiritually supported to see the effects of my inner beliefs, spiritually “weighted down” by my old masculine beliefs.

And, what am I thinking? “Don’t move or they’ll protect the Queen – there’s enough here to kill. But, if you can stay still, you can outlast the danger.””The weight was immense and became incredibly hot. I even perceived bees in my nose. Claustrophobia was starting to build, I knew the only way to stay still was to get my mind out of my body and take a meditative trip. End of panic as I then watched from outside the body.”

This is the “Heart” of my dream scene. I am feeling trapped by my old beliefs. I am scared of my old beliefs thinking that they will “kill me”. And in the end, I spiritually “reach for my feminine” and take a out of body trip to escape my old self. On to the next scene…

Okay, why am I setting this scene in an Oriental Garden? Another “managed” feminine environment. In my dream I moved to my right, i.e. masculine, and there I was in another feminine environment driven by my masculine beliefs. I asked myself if this was related to my other lives? No.

There may have been a stream to my feminine side i.e. left. Water in my dreams is a symbol of my feminine. The man-made path, i.e. my masculine, rises and falls gently i.e. I am in strict control of my feminine – there will be no surprises here.

The path? It was “A nondescript grey that didn’t even leave the impression it was part of the Oriental creation”. So I am walking on low vibration beliefs i.e. grey.

Then to my left, i.e. my feminine, comes into view a bridge to “the other side”. So I am showing myself that while I do control my feminine aviary masculine, it is via my feminine that I can then communicate with others who have “crossed over’.

I note my first thoughts in this scene…”Only that to survive I had to keep still and the only way to do this was to have my consciousness leave my body.” Yet I am doing it in a “masculine belief controlled manner”.

The bridge? It’s a grey i.e. low vibrations, which is why I am having trouble communicating and crossing over. By recognizing and releasing old masculine driven beliefs, this ‘bridge” will change i.e. my vibrations will rise and my spiritual abilities will “soar”.

I then note the time of day and the season. I felt it was early evening and in summer. My higher self is telling me that it is time to set aside these old beliefs i.e. the light is going from them. I am in summer i.e. a time of growth.

And myself in this dream? I was “form and colourless with a gentle grey lighting almost misty but no sense of mist.” So I am a low vibration colour, walking on a low vibration colour coming to a bridge that is a low vibration colour. And it’s early evening! I get the point! My good old beliefs I have been using for likely many lives are now no longer working for me!

And who is on “the other side”? My mom. Is it her? Yes.

From this point onwards the dream unfolded very quickly. I knew everyone was a Spirit person. They were not a large group and only two or three were individualised but I knew all were related to me. My mother was back in her 70’s – she looked the same throughout her older life so the age cannot be specific but she definitely wasn’t of the appearance of her last 12 months. All were very pleased to be there. There wasn’t much colour in the scene.

They were grouped around. I knew they were Spirits, therefore, was used to speaking with them, therefore, “skipped” through the interaction – I just “knew” the conversation took place as a joyfull re-union but it was like “fast forward” the tape and get this bit out of the way.

So I ask myself “Why am I so impatient in this scene?” “Why wasn’t there much colour? “ Why am I not “listening”? This is the heart of this scene. It is that I am not “spiritually listening to my deep inner self recognizing limiting beliefs”.  My male beliefs result in me being an explorer BUT without my corresponding feminine abilities, I am “somewhat stranded on the other side’.   So while in this life, I am working hard at my spiritual abilities, I am showing myself that I still have a lot of work to do.

The “others” are meeting me halfway on the bridge. I have to do the heavy lifting to release my old beliefs, raise my vibrations and then I can easily “walk over” and communicate.

And at the back watching all of this was a spirit guide. Oversoul? Yes. so my oversoul is taking the form of a native american i.e. someone who lives “off the land” i.e. nature i.e. feminine.

My oversoul then gives a talk which I fast forward through! I wish now I had listened. The others? Relatives? Yes.

And so this scene ends with me “fast-forwarding” my way through the “usual parts” that I am sure I have listened to in the past. Therein lies the heart of my current challenge. I need to listen to myself much better. Spiritually slow down and examine who I am deep underneath.

And on to the next scene…

Now I am back in the greenhouse i.e. I am back in my spiritual belief box. “Not sure – became aware that rescuers had arrived and had used smoke to disperse the bees. Can vaguely recall returning to the scene, seeing myself and only a couple of bees with people around then maybe entered ordinary style consciousness within the body.”

The rescuers? Some of my other lives that share the same underlying beliefs that I do which this dream is about. They too have old masculine based beliefs and now they have removed the feminine from my using smoke i.e. a result of fire, i.e. my masculine.

The bees i.e. my feminine? “Nearly all were gone, but a couple remained to offer proof that the situation had taken place.” I am missing the point of this dream, literally interpreting what has happened. The few remaining bees are symbols of my feminine which is still flying around, working with nature i.e. my feminine until such time as I spiritually awaken to ask them in to my spiritual beliefs.

I am sitting down i.e. I need to be spiritually supported to see the beliefs.

I can recall a male voice asking “how did you stay so still” and relating the story of the Oriental garden and bridge. There’s a bit of a residual feeling that I was proving survival beyond death somehow by describing relatives on the bridge who proved they were still alive after death.

Who’s the voice? It’s an other life. And there I am again literally interpreting what has just happened dwelling on the fact that we survive after death and forgetting about the grey path, bridge, low light and fast forwarding thought my oversoul’s talk.

“I think I felt very pleased with myself to be a bit of a hero and the centre of attention – hence the re-creation of the oriental garden to mark the occasion.” Therein lies my and my other lives challenge. We want to feel like “heroes” after “battling away” with my feminine. We then create, in our dreamscape the oriental garden i.e. we are nor yet ready to face the queen bee, the swarm and our feminine selves.

My final thoughts “I can only recall the lucidity of the dream and, uncommonly these days, I could recall it almost completely. I knew I couldn’t recall what was said at the bridge, in hindsight, it would have been a pleasure to be able to repeat the philosophy but

I knew I speeded up this part.” I am slowly beginning to understand that I need to use my feminine abilities to listen.

Okay Paul, I hope that some of what I have said resonates within you. If this was my dream, I would wake up thinking that I had just given myself a spiritual progress report on myself. I am showing myself that my old masculine based abilities is now restricting my feminine based spiritual ones. I didn’t receive one single “sting” from my feminine. That is the heart of my message i.e. feminine hurts and is to be afraid of.   As in all dreams, I can choose to ignore it or, I can ask the other lives who showed up at the commune to assist me in working through these limiting beliefs.

With kind regards, Guy