Many people ask me what to read, watch and do to learn to interpret their own dreams. My reply is “learn to listen to yourself, record your dreams and expand your awareness of your realities.” There are as many ways to do this, as there are people on the planet. I tell them to use their intuition to help guide themselves.

Below is a list of some of the best learning resources I have used. Scan the list. If something “resonates” within you, then read or watch it. If it doesn’t, then discard this list and continue on your own. You are the master of your own spiritual ship.

Learning from my dreams

Interesting General Spiritual Books

Out of Body Experiences
Near Death Experiences
Children Past Life Memories

Dream Interpretations
Spiritual Healing
Science and Making Sense of all of the Above
Channeled Books
Medium Books
Joseph Campbell
Multiple Personality Disorder
Masculine and Feminine
Etheric Body and Chakras
Dream Totems
Numerology in your Dreams


Interesting General Spiritual Books:

  • Enjoy your own funeral” by George Meek who’s now dead.  He was an excellent inventor during the 1900’s.  He became fascinated with what happens when we die.  He sold off all his patents and then traveled the world for 15 or so years, researching what happens when we die.  The book outlines different energy levels. It is an excellent introduction to understanding the different “worlds” and “energy levels” we come from and is a good easy first read.
  • Michael Newton. He wrote three books “Journey of Souls, Destiny of Souls and Memories of the Afterlife” (read these in order). He practices therapy using hypnosis.

About 20-30 years ago, during a session with a woman client under hypnosis, he used a word in a question that immediately triggered the woman to go to a “life between life”.  This so startled him that he began to use similar questions with his other patients.  Over time, he realized that their stories were eerily similar. He then began to train others on the technique and they too discovered similar stories in their patients.

Essentially, the stories are that we are energy beings who live in “soul clusters”.  These are groups of 8-20 souls who are roughly at the same level of development.  Each cluster has senior soul guides and each individual soul has more than one guide.  Together the cluster and their guides select the lives we are going to be born into.  We select the time, family we are going to be born into and the major challenges of our lives.  Often, many of the cluster will incarnate at the same time but not always.

When we die, we return to our cluster where we “report” to the senior guides.  We analyze our own live against the challenges we set for ourselves.  Then we rejoin our cluster and begin planning either another reincarnation or other development.

  • Flatland”.   It’s by an English vicar, Edwin Abbott. He wrote the book at the turn of the 1900’s.  It’s a short easy read parody of the Victorian English ruling class BUT it’s much more than this.  It describes how a square lives in a two dimensional world and then meets a sphere.

This book is short but it’s a mind bender since it makes you think about multiple dimensions, which is where quantum physics is heading (watch this short Dr. Quantum video

 Out of Body Experiences:

Then visit the Monroe Institute here  He patented hemi-sync which you can learn more about on their website.

There are some great other OBE travelers who’s footsteps we are traveling in.  They include:

His dream interpretation portion of his website is one site you should definitely read

I belong to William Buhlman’s OBE Group on Yahoo (

Go here to watch a hour and a half presentation by William in 2014 at the Monroe Institute.

  • Robert Bruce– is an Australian who has authored many, many excellent books on OBE’s.
  • Jurgen Ziewe – Multi-dimensional Man and the “Ten Minute Moment”. He’s a graphic artist who is German and lives in the UK.  This is a most interesting read of his 30-40 years of OBE experiences.  Both are great books showing what meditation can do for a person, allowing them to explore out of body.
  • Rosalind Mcknight – Soul Journeys and Cosmic Journeys.  She was a co-worker with Robert Monroe as one of his “explorers”.
  • Bruce Moen – Voyage to Curiosity’s Father.  Another Robert Monroe student.  Read his earlier books before reading this one.
  • Paul Elder – Eyes of an Angel – a former reporter and mayor who experienced out of body experiences. Today he conducts courses for the Monroe Institute.


  • Read Arthur Conan Doyles “The History of Spiritualism” first.  That’s right, it’s the same Conan Doyle who wrote Sherlock Holmes!  This will take you on a journey through the 1700-s onwards as mediums became known and people began to “open” themselves up.
  • If this interests you, then go learn about the spiritual churches.
  • There is a place in the US called “Lilydale” that you should also explore.  Every year they have many thousands of people show up for classes.
  • Snui – One can take courses and attend services on line.


A few years ago, I was with my aunt who was dying in a hospital. As I was standing over her watching her slowly die, I recalled some writings of Andrew Jackson Davis.  He was a man who lived in the 1800’s in the US.  His father was a drunk and he only had six months of education.  At the time that Andrew was living, was the time when a man named Mesmer discovered “mesmerization” (which then became know as hypnosis).  Andrew went to a session and then discovered he could leave his body.  Over the many years subsequent to this, he wrote something like 30 or so books.  I think you’ll enjoy reading these two sections out of his books:

This section describes his first spiritual eyesight!  Start at the bottom of page 112 and read on until page 116 (

The second reference is about how he viewed people who were dying. He had been “treating” a lady friend of his who was dying and was able to “watch” her die by using his gifts.  While the family stood grieving he was watching what happened to the supposed “dead” person. Go here and then click on PDF, then click on the book image, you can then scroll down and use the page dn keys to get to page 163 and read until page 172, it describes him watching a dear friend of his die.

He describes the process where the etheric body energy slowly rolls up through the body to the head and then he watches as the person’s guides/friends come to fetch her.  He then sees the etheric cord cut as she happily goes with them while in the room her relatives are crying thinking she has “gone”.  I again wish someone had directed me to this many years ago.  The whole process of dying is so totally fascinating!

Near Death Experiences:

  • H. Atwater– She has written several very interesting books on near death experiences.
  • Voyage of Purpose– David Bennet.  He is an engineer who has had two near death experiences.
  • International Association of Near Death Studies (IANDS) – an association dedicated to research on near death experiences
  • Reinee Pasarow, had a near death experience many years ago  (  One of the most compelling things about her experience was when she went through a review of all her life to date.  If you watch the video, you will find out what decision she made in her life that was the most important.

Children Past Life Memories

  • Life Before Life: Children’s Memories of Previous Lives– Jim Tucker.  He is a medical researcher who worked under Dr. Ian Stevenson. Dr. Stevenson was a medical doctor who did scientific research into young people who claimed they had come from another life. They have documented several hundred cases, using scientific methods, to prove that with some kids they are actually telling the truth when they say they have lived another life.  Very. very interesting.
  • A Fox news story about a young boy who remembered his past life as a World War II fighter pilot in the Pacific.
  • There are many more such videos on the internet.


Dream Interpretations

  • The Way of the Dream – Marie-Louise von Franz was a student of Carl Jung. She had a long successful dream interpretation counselling practice where she helped tens of thousands of people. A friend of mine put me on to videos  produced in the 1980’s about her and her thoughts on dreams. It was an excellent resource as one possible frame of reference for viewing dreams but now unfortunately has been taken down.  So, if you’re interested, you can go here and buy the book.

Spiritual Healing:

  • Harry Edwards a stationer by trade, he had a enormous influence on English healthcare in his day.

If you’re interested read “The Healing Intelligence” and then “A Guide to the Understanding and Practice of Spiritual Healing”.  They can be obtained here

His healing sanctuary still exists in England which you can explore here

  • Andrew Jackson Davis.  He wrote numerous books including four volumes called “The Great Harmonia”.  An index of all his books can be found here.  His autobiography, “The Magic Staff” was very interesting reading.  His books on “Summerland” and “Views of Heavenly Home” were also interesting reading.
  • Barbara Brennan School of Healing – Barbara is a gifted healer.  She’s written several good books on healing including “Hands of Light“.

 Science and Making Sense of all of the Above:

Go here to watch a two hour presentation by Tom Campbell in 2010 ( is excellent.

Tom Campbell: Our Reality Is Information – Tom Campbell outlining the double slit experiment and virtual realities

Claude has also written two books (“The Synchronized Universe” and “Life Force, the Scientific Basis”), which I am just working my way though (

Note: the experiments he documents were later reproduced in France and elsewhere.  The authors all faced incredible outrage and even Crookes nearly lost his place at the head of the Fellowship of the Royal Society.

There were other famous scientists of the day such as William Lodge (wireless) and Alfred Russell Wallace who all researched spiritualism and paid a price for it after conceding that scientifically there was something to it.

Channeled Books:

Channeling is a process where a medium is used to bring through entities.  There have been many of them in the past, some of whom are excellent teachers.

I often refer people who I have given dream interpretations and found that their “over soul” is in the dream the following references to Jane’s fictional books “The Over Soul Seven Trilogy”. It’s an excellent easy read depicting the soul adventures of Over Soul Seven and some of his entities, who live at the same time, but in different times. The entities then create other entities.

This is a good way to build up a concept of a virtual reality that Tom Campbell talks about.

  • Then there is Elias who is channeled by Mary Ennis.  Thousands of her channelings are available on line here.  I particularly like her channelings on probable selves.
  • An excellent discussion paper on Seth and Elias is available here.
  • There is an excellent website “Newworldview” that covers the Seth work and videos, new channeled books, etc.
  • Another great medium was Maurice Barbanelle who channeled an entity named Silver Birch.  His numerous books can be found here. These are great books to read a little bit, put down and then think about what they said.
  • An excellent channel is a man named Lee Carroll.  For the last 20 or more years he’s been channeling an entity named Kryon.  You can learn more about him here  I suggest you listen to some of his many free recordings here and I think you might like Kryon’s parables here  They have written 12 books together I like Kryon because he keeps talking about our quantum universe.  This is a mind bender for us who are in a time based existence.  However, as you’ll find out from reading Bob Monroe’s books, time is just one of many different dimensions.  Tom Campbell takes this concept further in My Big Toe.
  • Another interesting channeler is Tom Kenyon.  He brings through the Hathors.  It’s very interesting stuff as well.
  • There are two books I highly recommend reading.  One is called “The Sphere and the Hologram” and the other “Rita’s World“.  In 2001, two people who had attended the Monroe Institute, Frank deMarco and Rita Warren began a three-way partnership.  Frank was able to access what he called “the guys upstairs” and Rita began to ask questions.  This lead to the creation of the “Sphere and the Hologram”.  It is a mind-bending book.  Then Rita died.  So in 2015, Frank then was able to access her.  This lead to the second book “Rita’s World”.  Another mind-bending and stretching book.

Medium Books:

There have been “oddles” of books about and by mediums.  Some of them, in fact there are many, are not very good.  As George Meek said, he only came across a few who were excellent mediums in all his long search.

One of the ones I enjoy reading about (I’ve never met the man of listened to him channel as a caveat) is James Van Praagh.  You can learn more about him here you can get his books from the library.

Joseph Campbell:

He studied mythology all his life.  He came to the conclusion that myths are people’s way of interpreting their existence and they all have common components.  Myths become religions.

You can learn more about him here

I suggest you watch the Power of Myths which was done for PBS and, if this interests you, then dive into some of his books.

Multiple Personality Disorder:

A few years ago, I came across this book by a US psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Allison “Michael, My Essence“.  Dr. Allison pioneered research into people who had multiple personalities, called Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) and now called Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).  The book fascinated me because it was actually the folks who had multiple personality disorders who were educating him about other lives.  A very eye opener read.

Masculine and Feminine

I haven’t yet found much good “spiritual” material on masculine and feminine beliefs (if you know of some kindly email me to let me know).  Here are some sources I have used to learn.

  • Messages from Michael” is an old book I bought more than 30 years ago.  At the time, I put it down because I was uncomfortable with it.  Then a few years ago, I saw the book, kind of squirmed in my chair, and knew I should read it.
  • It’s a book channeled by an entity named “Michael”.  It talks about how we construct our personalities before each incarnation.  While it doesn’t talk about masculine and feminine, it’s full or polarity discussions for each personality attribute and is an excellent resource.
  • Then I found comparison charts about masculine and feminine beliefs but these too aren’t really well done at the belief level.
  • Carl Jung’s two books about the masculine and feminine ( and   I find very different dream interpretations than he did when he reports them in his book.  However, he was a “pioneer” in developing the modern idea of a masculine and feminine component in each of us.  A high level summary of Jung can be found here while a deeper discussion on anima and animus can be found here.

Etheric Body and Chakras:

  • If you see certain colours in your dreams, I have found that these often relate to your chakras.  To learn more about this, read “The Chakras” by C.W. Leadbeater.
  • Anodea Judith – “Eastern Body Western Mind”.  This book is an excellent framework to understand chakras and the self.
  • I spent a long time looking for books that talked about how the etheric body is formed when we are conceived.  i found it in “The Etheric Body of Man – The Bridge of Consciousness”.  Written in 1957 by a woman who was a psychic and her husband who was a psychiatrist, it is a fascinating read.

Dream Totems:

  • If animals, birds, insets, etc. are appearing in your dreams regularly, then I strongly suggest your read “Animal Speak” by Ted Andrews.  He was a great naturalist and mystic.

Numerology in your Dreams:

If numbers are occurring in your dreams then I suggest that you refer to these two websites:


Here are some videos I have found very useful in explaining different things: