Who Am I?

Learning from my dreams

I’m Guy Huntington. For the past nine years, I have been learning lots about myself from my meditations and dreams.  By coming to this webpage, you’re obviously interested in dreams as well.  This website links to all sorts of different resources one can use to learn how to interpret their own dreams.  As well, I also offer a free service to interpret dreams.

 What Does This Website Offer?

My Approach

My take on dreams is different from many others.  Why?


Deep Beliefs vs. Day-to-Day

It has been my own experience that very few of my dreams relate to my day-to-day life. In my dreams, I have found I use common life situations to act as symbols for deeper “spiritual dives” into myself.  I believe since we all have free choice, most of our dreams don’t tell us what to do each day but instead point us to our inner self.  In this website, is a dream discussion paper I wrote that explains what I have learnt about our belief system we choose before we incarnate.

Virtual Reality

I have found that we live in a “virtual reality” where we literally create the reality we experience every day. Further, I have found not only have I lived many thousands of lives BUT these lives all exist at the “same time” as mine, which I call “other lives”.  This is a mind bender and not something traditional science currently accepts.

HOWEVER, watch this two hour video by Thomas Campbell, a nuclear physicist who has also had many out of body experiences.  He puts forward his theory of everything which says we live in a virtual reality simulator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5CL_bU4O0A4.  Then watch these two videos outlining digital physics and virtual realities.

Then go here Digital Physics, which is the Wikipedia page about the emerging new branch of physics.

So, maybe my dream and meditation experiences are not so “way out there” as one might first judge them to be!

Cast of Characters

In my dreams, there is usually what I call a “cast of characters”.  Sometimes I will know the person in the dream but frequently I don’t.  Often a person I know, who is in a dream, will be doing something that doesn’t make sense. For the first few years, this led me to literally interpreting my dreams with the cast of characters, which didn’t really work well.  Then one day I had an “aha” moment.

From my meditations, I have learnt to connect with my “higher self”.  My “aha” moment was to use my higher self to assist me in interpreting my dreams.  It opened up my dream door to reveal a multiverse that I am very slowly learning about.

I have frequently met my over soul, probable lives, other lives, people I have incarnated with in other realities and times, teachers, guides, totems, etc.  I learnt that many of my other lives appear in my dreams in situations where they and I are learning about some of the same underlying beliefs we use.  In the resource section, I provide lots of links to learn about this.

Recurring Dreams and Dreams of a Future Event

Many of you reading this will likely have had recurring dreams or, dreams of something happening in the future which then occurs.  Often I find people are terrified or uncertain about these experiences.

I have helped myself deal with these experiences and also many others.   Today, I never have recurring dreams AND when I dream of a probable future event, I am able to positively learn from it and, in some cases, assist others who the probable future dream is about.

Heavy Spiritual Lifting

We see from a dream what the effects are of our deep inner beliefs. Then, we have choices to make.  We can ignore the dream, push it to the side to be dealt with later or, deal with it.

Doing the later involves what I call the “heavy lifting” from dreams.  This requires one to ponder who one is, how we react in certain situations and to let go of anger or other negative feelings towards oneself and others.  In my own case, it has lead to me becoming a vegetarian and no longer drinking alcohol.

Does this mean the correct spiritual “path” is to be a vegetarian and not drink?  No.  There are as many different spiritual paths as there are people on the earth.  Each of us has their own challenges and potential solutions to deal with them.  My point is it takes a significant amount of “heavy lifting” to bring about spiritual change.

What My Dreams Have Taught Me

Here is a short summary of what my dreams have taught me:

  1. All our “other” many lives exist at the same time
    • Our old ideas of sequential re-incarnation are driven by our old concepts of time
  2. For each live, for any given moment, an almost unlimited number of probable realities also exist at the same time
  3. There is no one beginning, middle and ending of our lives
    • We select a probable moment to make our new present moment. This is the “illusion” of time. Everything seems to be “progressing” based on “time” but, it’s not.
  4. “We” are the effective sum of the path we selected via all our probable moment choices and,
    • “We” are also part of our greater self, which is the sum of not only ‘our’ life but also all the other probable lives we didn’t choose in our life and,
    • Our greater self is also the sum of all our “other” lives (which includes all versions of the probable live choices) and,
    • Our greater self is also part of a “greater self”, which is also part of a “greater self” etc.
  5. There is no real division between each of us, our other lives, our greater self and their greater selves. The apparent division is simply caused by our 3D focus.
  6. There is continual communication between us in our incarnation, our other probable lives, our other lives and our greater self via our etheric body (and other ways which I don’t know about).
  7. Before we incarnate, we carefully select our personality.
    • This is done by selecting about 200 different energy beliefs
    • Each belief is, in effect, an energy filter
    • Each belief has two polarities
    • We select the degree of a certain polarity for each belief which then creates a specific energy vibration
    • Each energy belief vibration then interacts, moment to moment, with the other vibrations
    • The accumulative beliefs, we spiritually “wear” (i.e. a “belief suit”), then helps generate our own thoughts and emotions at each present moment
    • The “belief suit” effectively filters what energy communication from the greater reality that gets through to our conscious mind
  8. One of our goals in each incarnation is to learn that we are more than we really are and,
    • To recognize the limitations of our existing “belief suits” each of us wears
  9. Many of the same beliefs each of us selects for a given incarnation are shared by some of our other lives. However, they are often expressed differently.
    • We can learn about this from our dreams where our other lives who share the same underlying beliefs will frequently show up in rooms we are in
    • Each room is a “belief compartment” which is a symbol of multiple beliefs interacting to produce certain “belief effects”
    • As one spiritually learns to listen to oneself, then one finds that rooms begin to empty and we are more and more “outside” in our dreams instead of “indoors”
  10. So what’s the purpose of our existence?
    • It’s to show that we have learnt something new about compassion
    • Note the absence of it is also important to learn about

I wish you well on your spiritual voyage.

Note:  I wish to thank Terry Mills for creating a wonderful looking website.