The “Multiverse” We Live In

Learning from my dreamsMy view of the world we live in has grown to include what I call the “multiverse”.  To explain this, come with me on a story journey for a few minutes.  Let’s pretend you have been dying on a bed with your loved ones standing around you.  You are fading in and out of consciousness.  When you are “conscious”, you see your loved ones crying and feel them holding your hand.

Slowly this connection fades. Suddenly, you realize you are now floating above looking down at your physical body and your loved ones.  Yet you feel so alive!  Next, you find yourself standing beside your bed looking at everyone who are crying saying you are “gone”.  As everyone breaks into weeping as you realize it’s you who’s supposed to be dead!  Yet you’re not.

As you begin to panic, two to three friends and relatives, who are dead, appear beside you.  One is your dear old friend.  They offer you their arm and say to you “It’s okay, you’re dead but you’re not.  Come home with us.”  As you gaze back at your body and loved ones, your friend says “Don’t worry, you can come back.”  So you put your arm on your friend’s arm and in the blink of an eye, you’re now in this wonderful place.

It is lush, green, full of flowers, trees and many people, most of whom you recognize and who were “dead”, all celebrating your return.  Hugs are warmly exchanged and conversations occur with many of your relatives.  Even your old dead pets are there to great you!  Your old dog or cat licks at your hand.

Once the welcoming dies down, your friend says “I want to take you to a special place.” They once again offer their arm.  So you place your hand on their arm and again, in another blink of an eye, you find yourself walking up the stairs of a very steep, large coliseum which is empty.  Your friend leads you up to the very top of the coliseum and then takes a seat.

As you sit down beside your friend, you can see way down below a very large stage.  The sun is shining and you feel young and invigorated again, just like the times when you and your friend went to the theatre together.

“Are we going to watch a play?” you eagerly ask.

“It will be very interesting,” replies your friend somewhat cryptically.  “Just watch the stage and recall your spiritual memories.”

So you watch the empty stage, wondering where the actors are?  You glance at your friend to make sure this isn’t some kind of joke.  Your friend merely smiles at you and returns to watching the stage.

As you return your gaze to the stage, the very large stage suddenly becomes populated with actors.  You gasp, “I know them!”  They are the loved ones you left behind.  You realize the events on the stage are occurring after your death.

As you watch the stage your spiritual abilities slowly begin to return to you.  Now you can see future events on the stage at the same time.  In fact you can see multiple probabilities for each of your loved ones!

As you watch, you can see one of them is about to make a choice which could cause them sickness or death.  As the loved one begins to make this choice you stand up and yell out “No, don’t do that!”  When the loved one doesn’t appear to hear you, you yell out even louder “No!”  The loved one however makes the choice.

Your friend tugs on your clothes saying, “Please sit down.  They can’t hear you.”

“Why not?” you reply all concerned.

“Most people on the earth plane aren’t listening,” replies your friend.  “Were you listening in your life?”

You ponder this for a moment.  “No, I guess I wasn’t listening.”

Your friend kindly looks at you saying, “Even if your loved one was listening, they would still have been able to make the choice they made.”


Your friend looks in your eyes saying, “Recall your spiritual memories”.

Suddenly memories of before you incarnated to the earth plane come back to you.  “Ah…it’s because each of us has free will.  This is how we learn.”

You then turn back to the stage.  Now you can see many probable futures for each life on the stage below.  As you watch, you now begin to see the stage expand.  You see many different lives, which seem strangely familiar.

“Who are they?”

“Use your spiritual abilities.”

Suddenly you realize they are other lives you have lived!  There are many, many of them down below.  Speechlessly you watch as you see their thoughts are interacting with the other lives!  There is some kind of communication going on between your other lives!

“How can this be?” you ask.  “How can my past lives still be living?”

Your friend smiles at you, saying,  “Recall your spiritual memories”.  As you look at your friend, suddenly you recall the vibration of the dimension you are now in is “out of time”.

“Time is spherical,” says your friend. “Past, present and future all exist.  Higher energy vibrations work outside of your current notions and beliefs of time.”

“Why wasn’t I aware of this in my last life?” you frustratingly ask.

“You weren’t listening,” replies your friend.  “Look at the stage and learn.”

As you return your gaze to the stage down below you watch as your other lives and those of your loved ones are given instruction each night when they are sleeping.  As you watch, you see dreams containing instruction including information about your other lives.

“OH…I never knew!”  As you say this, you look out beyond the coliseum and see this wonderful setting of trees, mountains, lakes, rivers and cities in the distance. Everything is full of wonderful color and life.  “Is this heaven?” you ask.

“I think this guide is here to answer this,” your friend replies.

Suddenly, beside you appears a glowing figure.  You can’t decide if they are a she or a he.  Whatever they are they are, you sense they are full of love.

“Would you like to come with me and see heaven?” the She/He asks.

You nod.  The She/He gives you their arm and suddenly you find yourself flying beside the guide.

“Look below,” your guide says.  You are sweeping over “heaven”.  Your mouth is wide open as you see the vast extent.

“So where does heaven end?” you ask.

“Ah…that is a very interesting question.  Watch and learn”.

Now you find yourself going by all sorts of different worlds.  Your guide picks up the pace of your travels.  Countless worlds are flying by.

“You mean there’s more than one heaven?”

“We are energy beings.  Different vibrational levels have an almost unlimited number of worlds.  At this vibration level you are now at, there are many, many different “heavens”.

“Why so many?”

“Thoughts and beliefs form worlds, not the other way around as you on the earth plane currently believes.  There are many, many different thought forms at your current energy level.  Now let me show you more.”

Your guide then lowers their vibration.  You do to.  Many, many more worlds are now flashing by.  Your guide speaks as you fly over some of them.

“There are many, many people who have lower vibrations.  The worlds below are where people explore their beliefs.”

You fly over worlds mainly focused on sex, others on technology, others on money, power, etc.  Your guide continues to lower their vibrations.  You then fly over more worlds resembling the earth plane.  Some seem parallel to it while others become darker.

As you and your guide continue to lower your vibrations, you are flying over many, many different worlds.  Your guide says, “Look below and remember”.

As you do, you see one or two worlds where you spent some time.  You can see people suffering, hurting and killing others, living lives of pain and bleak existence.

“Is this hell?” you ask.

“There are many, many different hells.  Each one serves a purpose.”

“What purpose is there in living in hell?” you ask.

“To learn to evolve.  Recall your own experiences at this vibrational level.”

And then you recall the experiences, the continual agony, and grey existence almost without hope.  When you had seemingly given up on yourself, you then recall finally letting go of the beliefs holding you there and friends appearing to take you to a higher vibration level.  You also recall your dreams in your past life about your time at these vibrational levels.

“Now I remember.”

Suddenly, you are back at the coliseum sitting beside your friend.  Your guide looks at you and asks, “What is the purpose of our existence?”

“Love!” you blurt out.

“Close but no cigar!” your guide replies with a bit of humor.  “Use your spiritual abilities and memories.”

You close your eyes, focus and there is the answer, which you knew all along.  “It’s to evolve compassion.  Compassion is the currency of the multiverse.”  Now you recall who you really are.

Your guide smiles saying “Come with me for one last quick trip”.  They offer you their arm again.

As you touch it, you suddenly feel your vibrations rising.  You are flying by millions of higher vibrational worlds.  Some are built on music, others with incredible art, healing and different forms of life.  Your mouth hangs open as you try to absorb the complexity and beauty of the multiverse you live in.

You shout out, “Hey, that world down there I remember from a dream.  That’s where I got the inspiration from at a critical juncture in my life!”

Your guide merely smiles at you, taking you to higher and higher vibrations.  The light is becoming too bright for you.  And then, you are back sitting beside your smiling friend in the coliseum.

Looking down at the stage of your many lives you think, “I wish I had known this when I was last alive. I never picked up on the many times in my dreams, meditations and events in my life that all of this exists.”

“There is only one last piece for you to recall,” your guide says waiting for you to figure it out on your own.

For a moment you are puzzled.  Looking at the stage down below you can see the beliefs the “stage actors” have.  It is driving their interpretation of their reality and generating their surface thoughts and emotions.  The pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

“I need to work with my other lives on balancing out my beliefs,” you state.  “First I have to understand the beliefs I incarnate with.  Then I need to release ones which are not balanced and are spiritually “hemming me in”.

You then recall many, many of your dreams from your past life where you were in rooms. Now, high above the stage, you can see rooms are symbols of beliefs.  If you were “listening” in your last life, you would have been able to take these dreams and use them to guide you on your journey to releasing ones no longer working for you. This is the hard work in raising your vibrations.

And that’s the end of my story.  My dreams are chock a block full of other lives, probable lives, different realities, instruction, inspiration and rich in information assisting me in recognizing and releasing beliefs restricting me.

What My Dreams Have Taught Me

Here is a short summary of what my dreams have taught me:

  1. All our “other” many lives exist at the same time
    • Our old ideas of sequential re-incarnation are driven by our old concepts of time
  2. For each live, for any given moment, an almost unlimited number of probable realities also exist at the same time
  3. There is no one beginning, middle and ending of our lives
    • We select a probable moment to make our new present moment. This is the “illusion” of time. Everything seems to be “progressing” based on “time” but, it’s not.
  4. “We” are the effective sum of the path we selected via all our probable moment choices and,
    • “We” are also part of our greater self, which is the sum of not only ‘our’ life but also all the other probable lives we didn’t choose in our life and,
    • Our greater self is also the sum of all our “other” lives (which includes all versions of the probable live choices) and,
    • Our greater self is also part of a “greater self”, which is also part of a “greater self” etc.
  5. There is no real division between each of us, our other lives, our greater self and their greater selves. The apparent division is simply caused by our 3D focus.
  6. There is continual communication between us in our incarnation, our other probable lives, our other lives and our greater self via our etheric body (and other ways which I don’t know about).
  7. Before we incarnate, we carefully select our personality.
    • This is done by selecting about 200 different energy beliefs
    • Each belief is, in effect, an energy filter
    • Each belief has two polarities
    • We select the degree of a certain polarity for each belief which then creates a specific energy vibration
    • Each energy belief vibration then interacts, moment to moment, with the other vibrations
    • The accumulative beliefs, we spiritually “wear” (i.e. a “belief suit”), then helps generate our own thoughts and emotions at each present moment
    • The “belief suit” effectively filters what energy communication from the greater reality that gets through to our conscious mind
  8. One of our goals in each incarnation is to learn that we are more than we really are and,
    • To recognize the limitations of our existing “belief suits” each of us wears
  9. Many of the same beliefs each of us selects for a given incarnation are shared by some of our other lives. However, they are often expressed differently.
    • We can learn about this from our dreams where our other lives who share the same underlying beliefs will frequently show up in rooms we are in
    • Each room is a “belief compartment” which is a symbol of multiple beliefs interacting to produce certain “belief effects”
    • As one spiritually learns to listen to oneself, then one finds that rooms begin to empty and we are more and more “outside” in our dreams instead of “indoors”
  10. So what’s the purpose of our existence?
    • It’s to show that we have learnt something new about compassion
    • Note the absence of it is also important to learn about