Interpreting One’s Dreams Using One’s Higher Consciousness

When I first began to record my dreams, I found them full of different people.  i didn’t know most of them and, if I did know them, they were often doing things that didn’t make sense.  I was then left to either ignoring the people in my dream or, trying to literally interpret each dream…which didn’t work well.

Then one day, several years ago,  I had an “Aha!” moment.  I thought to use my higher self, which I had learnt to access via my meditations, to assist me to interpret my dreams.  The dream learning gates swung wide open.  Now I could learn who was in my dreams and get guidance on how to interpret them.

In the end, dreams are for each of us to interpret on their own.  My advice to anyone trying to interpret their dreams is to learn how to “connect” with your higher self.  There are many ways to do this.  While it is not at first easy, it can be with time and effort.  Today, I sort of “mentally reach” for myself and….there the greater “I” is, patiently waiting to assist me.

I have had many people ask me how to meditate.  This page contains only some of the many different ways to connect with one’s self.

Observe Your Busy Mind

The Buddhists believe that our conscious mind is driven by our egos (things like greed, lust, gluttony, etc.).  The ego’s job is to make us happy.  If one simply sits still and observes one’s own mind, this can be born out.  Thoughts occur from the egos that then lead to other thoughts and so on until one is in a rabbit warren of their thoughts.

I suggest that you do this.  Sit quietly, and put yourself in an observer position of yourself mentally.  Then try not to think.  You will find what I described above.

Calming and/or Occupying the Ego Mind

Learning from my dreams

The Buddhists also believe that “underneath” our ego led conscious, is our inner higher self.  It is desperately trying to “break through” the noise of the egos.  In today’s world, the average person’s higher consciousness is generally unsuccessful at doing this.  That’s because most of us sort of live in an ego led dream state where we are all “busy” and not paying attention to who we really are.  Thus the individual’s higher consciousness is left to communicating with the person via their dreams and also via things like intuition and deja vu.

Meditation is about calming or occupying the ego minds.  This is very difficult and requires much practice and perseverance.  Below are only some of the many different ways to access one’s high self:

Zen Koan
Candle Flame
Guided Meditation
My Own Case
My Own Story



Going back thousands of years, the old Hindi’s recognized this and came up with their way of doing it… i.e. yoga.  This was a method where the body was “contorted” into difficult positions.  The conscious mind is therefore kept busy trying to maintain the positions, thus allowing the inner consciousness to “rise” to the surface. So, if this works for you, then do it.


The Buddhists developed the saying of mantras (e.g. Om).  The concentration on the sound production then occupies the ego led mind allowing the higher consciousness to rise.  If this works for you then do it.

 Zen Koan:

Another Zen Buddhist technique is to give oneself an insolvable problem, which the Chinese call a Zen Koan.  The conscious ego led mind is then occupied with this, thus allowing the inner consciousness to rise.


A common technique to keep the conscious mind occupied is to focus on one’s breath.  By focusing one’s mind on this, it allows the higher self to rise.

 Candle Flame:

Another common technique is to focus on the flame of a candle. By focusing one’s mind on your breath, it allows the higher self to rise.

 Guided Meditation:

Another common technique is to have a “guided” meditation.  In this case, a person is telling another what to imagine.  The focus on the sound, images and music then allows the higher consciousness to rise.


Some folks like listening to music. By focusing one’s mind on this, it allows the higher self to rise.


Some athletes who do lots of continuous exercise report on having out of body experiences, etc. My theory is the ego mind is occupied allowing the inner soul to rise. If this work for you, then do it.


In a spiritual church once, a man showed me how he was using a pendulum to communicate with his higher self.  Recently, another friend directed me to a clinical psychologist’s website, Dr. Pulos, where he had a blog on this.  If this works for you, then do it.

 My Own Case:

In my own case, after trying numerous methods what worked for me was to simply still my mind.  Whenever any idea came into my mind from my ego, I would flush it down a mental toilet or throw it into a garbage bin.  With lots of practice, this worked for me.

Choose One That Works for You and Then “Get in the Habit” of Doing It

There are many more ways to meditate.  It doesn’t matter which one works for you. Simply get in the habit of doing it.  When you inner consciousness rises, you will definitely “know” it.  At first, it may be fleeting and then your ego led mind again takes over.  However, persistence is paramount.  One must keep at it, every day, every week, every month, every year.  As one does this, one learns to “recognize” their higher conciseness.  It is a beautiful thing.

 My Own Story:

After 50 years of stopping and starting, after having a near death experience, I was determined to keep it up. So I started out each day, for 10-15 minutes.  I tried hard to keep it at the same time, as I wanted it to become a habit.  I lit some candles, settled into a comfortable position and then kept at it.  Often, over the first few months, I would find myself down the rabbit warren.  Other times, I might fall asleep.  It can and was often frustrating.  However, this time I kept at it.  I also attended meditation circles, etc.

My meditations slowly deepened.  I had heard and read that when one meditates, one can “touch” one’s higher self.  I had never, ever, done this.  A few months went by and then, one day, I did it.  For a glorious instant, I “felt myself” (I can’t find the words to describe this).  I “knew it”.  And then…poof!  It was gone again.  Now I knew why people meditated!  So I kept at it.  Slowly, I could “reach” my high self for longer periods.  My meditations deepened.  This lead to a meditation, which subsequently changed my life.

In the meditation, I saw myself as three “Russian dolls”…the kind that stack inside each other.  On the outside was me…an aging male, very analytical and a loner.  I then saw the second doll.  I was looking at an old man, that I knew was me (but it wasn’t “me”) who was standing behind this red brick fence that came up to his chest, shaking his fist at the heaven’s, mad as hell.  Then the third doll…

I was looking down inside this doll.  It was darkish towards the bottom.  It had an earth floor.  Lying on, in a fetal position, totally scared, was a naked young boy and a girl, aged around 11-13. I “knew” that they were “I”.  My meditation ended.

I came out of this knowing what I had just seen was extremely important but at a total loss as to what it meant.   Over the course of the next two days, I meditated on the boy and then the girl.

In my meditation for the boy, I saw myself living in a time when people wore togas.  I was living somewhere in the Middle East.  Four soldiers were raping me, one at a time.  They were laughing as they did this.  When the last one finished with me, he raised my head and then slit my throat.  I died totally scared.

In my meditation for the young girl, I saw myself sleeping in this animal skinned tent, with my mother and my younger brother, somewhere in central Asia. I awoke to the sound of our camp being invaded.  I watched in horror as one side of the tent was slit and these two men came in.  My younger brother left up to defend us.  I watched as one of the men slit his head off.  Then they raped my mother, myself and when they finished, they cut off my breast and impaled me on a pole where I died totally scared.

I then went to my spiritual circle leader and explained what had happened.  She then came to my condo and gave me a reading.  She brought through one of my guides, who were dressed as an ancient Japanese warrior.  He told me that I had lived many lives as a warrior and had forgotten the way of the warrior.  He told me that in this life I am living, I could return to the path.

He then went on to explain the old man standing behind the brick fence shaking my hand at the sky.  In that life, I was a rich English merchant.  However, I didn’t trust anyone, including my own family, since they were wall trying to steal my money.

From all of this, I learn the following:

  1. I had lived many lives – something I had read about and seen in Buddhism in my travels but never applied it to myself.
  2. I was emotionally scared of dying and was a loner – now I could see why.

I had begun to keep a dream journal prior to this.  So I went back and read my diary.  In it, I found that almost every night I was waking up with my heart pumping madly from a dream where people were trying to kill me or, I was trying to kill them.

This then began a few year process of me learning about what happens when we die.  I read a lot of different books.  I also then forgave those who had killed me…another teary event.  Since then, I have never had a bad dream.

One night I had a short dream.  I was staring down at a dead raven.  Its eyes were popped out and its neck was badly turned.  I woke up wondering what the heck that was about?

A few weeks later, while in Vancouver, I went to a local spiritual church meditation circle.  During that meditation, I felt an eagle land on my left shoulder and a female deer nuzzle up underneath my right arm. After the meditation, I spoke to the circle leader.  She told me they were totems and to read a book by Ted Andrews “Animal Speak”.

So I bought a copy. I looked up the Raven.  I saw that it had been guiding me through my spiritual darkness.  My dream then made sense.  It was telling me that I now had my own spiritual eyes to see and I no longer needed it.  If you are interested, you can find a copy and look up what the eagle and the deer are as totems.

I was so sad I had not known my Raven guide.  So I placed in a backpack several things that were important to me from the first 50 years of my life, along with some raisins and nuts.  I then hiked way up in the watershed above where I live. I then had another teary ceremony where I thanked it.  I then buried the objects and sprinkled the food for the birds and animals to eat.

Some time afterwards, I had an “aha” type moment.  I was keeping a dream journal but couldn’t figure out what most of my dreams meant.  There was this cast of characters in each dream that I didn’t know or, if I did, they were doing some strange things.  My “aha” moment was to apply my higher self to my dreams.   My view of who I am has changed very, very, very much since then.

I learnt that I had an over soul, parallel probable lives and, I then learnt that my “past lives’ weren’t past but living at the same time as I was.  In this life, I will “meet” about 2,000 “other lives”.  I have met about 1,000 or them so far.

I am totally fascinated with how we “create” ourselves for each incarnation.  I am being slowly taught that we carefully select about 200 different “beliefs”.  These are energy vibrations, each with two polarities.  We determine for each belief, the degree of polarity we are going to “hold” the belief.  Each belief has it’s own energy vibration level.  Each belief interacts, moment by moment, with the other beliefs, to create our own energy auras, which are constantly changing.

These “beliefs” then “filter out” the greater reality we come from.  For most people, who are “unaware” the filter is extremely effective.  However, many people have filters that allow in the greater reality to varying degrees.  Some people are born with the ability to communicate with other entities easily.  Others easily have out of body experiences or lucid dreams.  For many people, their connection with the greater realities is by intuition or dreams

Candles, etc. don’t really matter.  It is all about you creating a personal and spiritual “place” to meditate.  I used this to create a special place and time for myself.  Using the same time was simply a way to get in the rhythm of doing it.  Today, I can simply “tune in” to my higher self.

Our “Belief Suits”

In my dream discussion paper (available here in the resource section), I refer to a dream where a long, seemingly endless, line of people were walking, one front of the other, all wearing space suits.  The twisty path they were walking on was so deep due to billions of people walking the same path.  On the side of the path was people yelling and waving at the spacesuit people.  Most simply couldn’t see or hear the people because of their space suit.  Occasionally one would stop a moment, look at the person on the side, then turn away and continue walking.

Those space suit people are us.  Each of us wears this “belief suit” that filters out our connection to our higher selves and our other lives.  That’s who the people on the side of the path were.  Only when someone we love dies or, we become sick do we then tune n for a brief instant to our dreams and intuitive thoughts that are always there.  Then we turn back and keep trudging along.

Break Through Your Beliefs to the Greater Reality and Consciousness

Meditation is but one-way to break through the belief suit you are wearing.  It’s important because it is a more regular connection you can establish with who you really are AND you can use “it,” i.e. the greater you, to assist you in your life, with dream being one of them.

Other Ways

Another way that we receive guidance is when songs “pop” into our head. I have learnt that this is a way that my higher self and loved ones communicate with me during the day.  The meaning of the song can be multi-level.  By this I mean the lyrics can contain a phrase, which continues to run through my head, over and over. This almost always relates to my current dream work on the effects of some of my beliefs.

It could also pertain to a moment in my life that I need to reflect on when I was feeling or doing something or, something happened to me, which I need to revisit.  This too pertains to my dream work.

Finally, it could also be a message from a loved one or someone who has died.  The relationship may have been good, bad or whatever.  I simply tune into my higher self, ask whom the message is from, and then go through some names and when I hit the right one, I KNOW.

Accessing Your High Self is Not the “Keys to the Kingdom”

Your higher self is not going to give you the “keys to the kingdom” each time you ask for help.  Why not?  It’s because we are in a virtual reality-learning lab where each of us has to learn on our own, by making choices.  Our higher self will provide guidance, sometimes direct answers but my experience is it mostly tells me to figure it out on my own with a “feeling” that I can and will.